Local Moving Services in San Marcos, San Antonio, & Austin, TX

Our Moving Services

"Careful Handling" is our middle name. (Wait, that's two names.)

Not Just Another Moving Company works hard to make your San Antonio area move go off smoothly. Our quarter century of experience and caring attitude means we stand a pretty good chance of making that happen.

Whether you're moving across the street, across town or across the country, our San Antonio commercial and residential moving service stands ready to help. Our core services include:

Packing - we use quality materials and proven techniques to ensure your treasured belongings remain safe during transport, and are delivered safely to your new residence.

Relocation - we've moved a variety of San Antonio businesses over the course of our career, and we know what's it takes to make the move go smoothly.

Full Service Local Moving - from packing to storage to loading and unloading from the truck; from large and delicate items to heavy and fragile ones, our professional movers know what they're about.

Not Just Another Moving Company is professional, courteous and respectful of your belongings. Sounds like something almost any company would say about themselves, right? Well here's a surprise: we didn't write it! One of our many satisfied clients did.

When you dedicate your business to doing the best job you can, people notice. That's what we're all about at Not Just Another Moving Company, the San Antonio movers to call for your next move: (210) 782-7058..